Ode to Carrots

A running carrot is in reference to my red-hair and my well-known love for carrots. Although I do not run daily, I do eat carrots daily. It was engrained in my head from a young age that carrots would “keep my hair red.” I know now that carrots keep my hands tinted orange, and it was a little trickery from my mom to eat my veggies. She also bribed me into eating tomatoes by putting sugar on them. Who knew this sugar-loving kid would grow up to be a veggie-eating nutrition nerd?

Carrots are so versatile as a vegetable. I am convinced they go well with any meal. Breakfast – make carrot cake pancakes. Lunch – throw carrots on a salad. Dinner – roast carrots for a side. Snacks – carrots + dip. Dessert – carrot cake.

Plus, they are a beautiful vegetable (although, I say this about most veggies). They come in bright orange, yellow, or even purple! You’ll have to pick up the purple carrots at the farmer’s market, and they taste the same, but they’re a fun addition to a meal. Cooking is all about the senses.


They also have just enough sweetness for my sweet-loving tastebuds without being “sugary.” Seriously, I’ve had multiple people ask me, “But I heard carrots are high in sugar.” Yet, I hear the rest of their food recall, and they aren’t worried about the sodas and sweets they are eating that are actually high in sugar.

A medium size carrot has 5 g of sugar (oh so much compared to those 39 g in a can of coke) but is loaded with nutrients. Carrots provide fiber for blood sugar regulation and beta-carotene, which converts to vitamin A for a number of functions, especially your vision. There’s tons of antioxidants stuffed in there too.

So, chop up some carrots and throw them in a salad, a stirfry, or my favorite – roast them with a little maple syrup and cinnamon.

Carrots are also a very loving vegetable, as you can see with this carrot group hug.



7 responses to “Ode to Carrots

  1. So your hair is still red so my eating vegetables trickery must have had some merit. Great post. I love reading that you’re a nutrition nerd.

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