7 Tips for a Healthier Super Bowl Sunday

Americans are busy prepping for the big game tonight, and snacks are the food of choice during the game.

Americans spend over $50 million on snack food for the weekend, and I don’t think they’re spending the money on veggie platters.


  • About 1.23 billion chicken wings will be consumed – probably dipped in creamy ranch or bleu cheese dressings.
  • It’s the busiest day for pizza restaurants.
  • An estimated 11 million pounds of chips, 4 million pounds of pretzels, and 2.5 million pounds of nuts are expected to be popped into mouths across the country.
  • 69.6 million pounds of avocados are going to be consumed – Mmm guacamole!
  • 14 billion pounds of hamburgers will be served up.
  • To top it all off, 42.9 million cases of beer are bought on Super Bowl Sunday.

Many people look forward to chowing down on some wings and beer during the game, and there’s no reason not to enjoy your favorite game food. However, there’s no need to overindulge and keep eating until the heartburn comes and your buttons start popping off.

Here are my tips for enjoying Super Bowl Sunday Snacks.

  1. Choose your top few foods and stick to them. If you look forward to the wings and beer, choose them. If you don’t like Doritos or other chips, skip them. Just because they’re in front of you does not mean you have to eat them.
  2. Eat balanced meals with a good amount of protein before the game. Don’t skip lunch to “save calories.” Eat a meal with protein and some vegetables to fill up, so you’re not starving once you start the game. It can help prevent overeating past the point of no return.
  3. Bring or choose a few healthier snacks. Bring a platter of raw vegetables to sneak in next to the bowls of chips. Dip the veggies in salsa or guacamole, which is full of healthy fats. Grab a handful of the nuts rather than more chips. You could even surprise your friends with a platter of kale chips – just roast some chopped up kale (remove the stems) in olive oil and sea salt for 15-20 minutes until crunchy.                                                                                                      Kale chipsSONY DSC
  4. Use a plate for portion control. Put your snacks on a plate, and sit away from the snacks. When you’re sitting directly in front of a big bowl of chips or chicken wings, it’s pretty hard to stop mindlessly munching away. Using a plate to visualize the portion you’re planning to eat helps you pace yourself, and sitting across the room from the snack table will help prevent overeating. Check out this portion control guide.
  5. Just like the players, hydrate! If you’re going to enjoy beer or other alcohol, bring a water bottle as well and park it next to you on the couch. With every beer you drink, take a break and enjoy a glass of water. This may help prevent a terrible Monday hangover at work as well.football
  6. Don’t be a couch potato – stay active. If you’re feeling extra rowdy, throw in a few rounds of squats or pushups during the commercials. Or just jump out of your seat and cheer when your team is doing well. Whatever you do, avoid sitting on the couch for hours on end today. Try this super bowl workout.
  7. Start tomorrow off with a bang! Even though you may be feeling full and hangover tomorrow morning, cook up some eggs and serve with a banana and a big glass or two or water. Eggs contain the protein cysteine, which can help breakdown one of the metabolic waste products of alcohol. Bananas pump you up with potassium that was lost due to alcohol’s diuretic effects, and water cures the dehydration.

What’s your favorite Super Bowl Snack?


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