What I’m Reading this Week

After a SNOWY, rainy, & cold Memorial Day weekend, the sun finally decided to pop out today. I’m enjoying my day off with a relaxing walk in the sunshine to the grocery store and lunch with my parents.

Instead of a post today, I wanted to share some of my favorite posts & articles I’ve read this week.


Breeding the Nutrition Out of Our Food. “We need more fruits and vegetables that have the nutrients we require for optimum health.”

Binge Eating: The What, Why, & What It Takes to Treat It. Binge Eating Disorder (BED) is the most common eating disorder. Great article all about BED, myths, and how to treat it. It’s a real, recognized eating disorder – if you are struggling, know that there are resources out there for you.

Fat Talk Compels but Carries a Cost. 93% of college women admit to engaging in fat talk. Skip the negative self-talk, and make a list of everything you LOVE about your body.

Some of My Best Friends are Germs. Your gut is filled with >100 trillion bacteria that can protect you, or harm you.

Recipes & More

3-Ingredient Chocolate “Ice Cream.” This isn’t actually ice cream, but it’s quick, easy, and delicious. Save money on froyo or ice cream, and make this instead.

6 Essential Nutrients for Beautiful Skin. Our skin is our largest organ and is a barrier to the outside world. Protect & heal your skin with nutrient-dense foods.

For a Better Smoothie, Just Add Chia. I’m already a huge fan of chia seeds, so I loved these delicious-sounding smoothies.

Favorite Picture & Quote


healthy pin

What health-related articles did you read this week? Feel free to share below!


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