August in Photos + What I’m Reading & Eating

I don’t really want to admit that August is nearly over, which kinda means summer is almost over. Thankfully, I have one last long weekend next week to enjoy the sunshine before starting my new job (!!).

I’ve been taking advantage of the warm, sunny summer weather by spending a lot of time outdoors hiking, waterskiing, yoga-ing, and just being. Summer makes me appreciate the beauty of nature because there’s always somewhere new to explore, or the chance to just take in the wonder of where you already live.

Hiking is my favorite way to explore nature in the summer and fall. Just yesterday, I saw spectacular White Mountain views, a moss-covered wonderland, and a hiking-in-style Appalachian trail hut on a hike up Mt. Pierce with my parents and a good friend. Hiking all the 4000-foot peaks in New England has now been added to my bucket list (5 of 67 done)

Photos of August

1146381_10201496913492027_1943311909_o P8240083 IMG_1386 IMG_1371 IMG_1410 IMG_1350

1.) Hiking up Mt. Pierce in the White Mountains.

2.) Buy Flavor. Buy Local.

3.) Headstand fun.

4.) Hike up Mt. Hunger.

5.) Green garden.

6.) My little yoga pup.

Catch Up on August Posts

What I’m Reading

What I’m Eating


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