Life of a Dietitian

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RD/RDN) is the nutrition expert with education, training, and experience in a wide variety of nutrition fields. A RD/RDN has completed a degree in Dietetics & Nutrition, completed a dietetic internship with over 1200 hours in supervised practice in clinical nutrition, community nutrition, and food service, and passed a national credentialing RD examination. Most dietitians are also licensed or certified through the state they work in.

Dietitians may also have specialized certifications in a specialty area, including nutrition support, sports nutrition, and oncology nutrition.

Dietitians are not only stuck working in hospitals anymore! They can work in schools, outpatient clinics, integrative and functional medicine offices, private practices, supermarkets, gyms, write for magazines, books, or blogs, and more.

Dietetic Internship

Applying to dietetic internships can be a stressful time because of the extensive application, and they are very competitive programs. If you are studying dietetics, work hard in your courses, get to know your professors, and gain work or volunteer experience. Reach out to dietitians you admire – a mentor is an amazing thing! All Access Internships is a great resource to learn about programs, gain experience, and work on creating an exceptional application.



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